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Agroindustrial bussines, consulting, and technifying production of export-quality bovines PDF Imprimir Correo
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The process of opening is an integral element of the economic globalization policy facing the farming sector, and in particular, national stock-breeding activity. This has brought an atmosphere of discussion and divergence, respect for the real impacts on the productive apparatus, and ways to confront change.


ImageThe most frequent exposition has been than the activity does not have the technological and structural size, nor the necessary strengths to face the supply of products originated in highly technified economies or protected by subsidies.


In front of this scene and connoisseurs of the slow answer that can offer the national productive apparatus to these threats, the immediate solution has been centered in invoking safeguard measures, to negotiate ample terms to reduce or to eliminate the present levels of the imports tariffs or to demand to the developed countries to reduce the high levels of protection they grant to their farming productions.


ImageIn Colombia, although the necessity has struggled widely to design measures, mechanisms and strategies to face these challenges, little has been made to undertake directed actions and integrate the meat network, to industrialize the activity, and to promote the national consumption.


Actually, there are some private and/or public commitments to establish instruments, and to develop programs that improve the coordination of the different functions from the meat network and the transparency of the commercial operations within the system facing the international market; nevertheless, its development is slow and its impact not yet is evident.


The low competitiveness is complemented by the slow enterprise development of the activity and the deficiency of specialized and suitable institutional instruments, which facilitate a better coordination of the different functions and integration from the agents of the market.


In answer to this condition of the sector, there is an actual necessity to establish projects of deprived origin that fill these spaces with directed initiatives to face the challenges and the external competition, that can jeopardize the viability of the national production and negatively hit the socioeconomic structure of the country.




LA GANADERIA is an organization of private nature; of technical character, oriented to provide integral edge services to the agro-alimentary network of the meat, in order to modernize its industrial structure, to fortify the commercial network of the meat industry and to efficiently articulate the production with the national and international markets.

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Hay aproximadamente 1350 millones de reses bovinas en todo el mundo, de los cuales, 300 millones son cebúes.

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